What the hell? KHL linesman delivers a nasty hit to unsuspecting player.

He never saw this coming.

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You often expect to see big hits when you're watching the glorious sport of hockey, but you don't often see them coming from the one ice officials.

In a truly stunning moment of hockey a Kontinental Hockey League linesman delivered what looked almost like a textbook body check to one of the players during a Bars Astana/Yekaterinburg game.

The player came into the zone with the puck and seemed to charge straight at the linesman, with his head down of course, leaving the linesman with very little room to maneuver or find anywhere to avoid contact and the result was a rough collision, but mostly just for the player.

While he likely won't be happy about what transpired, he will likely be keeping his head up more often after getting chirped by both opponents and teammates over this incident.