Wheeler in bad shape after taking 100+ MPH slapshot to the jewels.

Oh my god!

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This is one of the most painful looking plays of the entire 2018 - 2019 National Hockey League regular season thus far.

On Saturday night the Winnipeg Jets were in Vancouver to face off against the Vancouver Canucks at Rogers Arena and the night started off really poorly for the visiting squad. Neither the Jets or the Canucks managed to score in the game's opening frame but that was in large part to the family jewels of Winnipeg Jets' forward Blake Wheeler coming up with a huge save in favor of the opposing Vancouver Canucks. 

Literally in the opening minute of the game Winnipeg Jets defenseman was gifted with a great chance from the point, one that had very little traffic in front of him, and he fired off a rocket towards the Canucks net that looked primed to beat goaltender Jacob MarkstromIn spite of the fact that the puck looked like it would beat him Markstrom never had to make the save, instead it slammed into Wheeler's crotch area with a great deal of ferocity.

The impact of the shot to his nether region was so great that it actually caused both of Wheeler's skates to leave the ice as his body instinctively tried to curl up into a little ball at what must have been some intense and shocking pain. Unsurprisingly Wheeler went down to the ice but to his credit he quickly got back up and started to make his way back to the Winnipeg Jets bench. It was at that moment however that the pain appeared to hit Wheeler in full as he collapsed to the ice with some distance left between him and the bench, not at all normal behavior for a relatively tough player like Wheeler. 

The pain was so bad that Wheeler couldn't even find the strength to crawl to the Jets bench and thankfully for him a concerned NHL official was giving him some extra pushes in the butt to try and help propel him onto the bench. Even when he made it to the door and his teammates tried to pull him onto the bench you could see that Wheeler was in seriously bad shape. 

To his credit he would come back into the game after this, but I hope his significant other wasn't watching tonight.