1st look at the ASU/Coyotes shared center ice logo gets leaked

Fans are quick to react to the awkward duo:


From the genesis of the Arizona Coyotes’ new arena at Arizona State University, there has been controversy. Not only their new 5,000 seat capacity arena in Tempe, Arizona will be the smallest in NHL history, but there was also controversy whether or not Arizona State University would allow the Arizona Coyotes to put their Kachina logo at center ice of the Mullett Arena.

Finally on Tuesday, it was confirmed that both logos would be seen on center ice as journalist Craig Morgan and Cameron Fox revealed a first look at the ASU/Coyotes shared center ice logo: you have the ASU pitchfork on one side of the center line inside of the circle at center ice and a Coyotes’ Kachina logo on the other side.

You have to admit that this is strange. However it is much better than what was first reported when controversy about center ice stemmed from an article by The Athletic, stating that the Coyotes’ logo wouldn’t be found in the arena.

The logos are both on there and this is the first look at it, with fans reacting to the duo on the ice. Some love it, some hate it.

The duration of the deal between the Coyotes and ASU is for three years, though it also has a fourth year option, which will come in handy if the Coyotes’ planned arena just a couple miles west of Mullett Arena is not complete.

The Coyotes are still waiting on the city of Tempe to approve their proposal : an arena and entertainment complex that would be built at the northeast corner of Rio Salado and Priest Roads.