2 former players call out Maple Leafs over Nylander fiasco.
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2 former players call out Maple Leafs over Nylander fiasco.

A pair of former NHL players are not happy with how the Maple Leafs have handled this situation.

Jonathan Larivee

The Toronto Maple Leafs have struck a major bump in the road early in these Stanley Cup playoffs, and now many are pointing the finger at the team's head coach as well as one of it's top stars.

Just prior to Game 1 of the opening round Stanley Cup playoff series between the Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins, it was revealed that Maple Leafs star forward William Nylander would be out of the lineup due to a very mysterious injury. The situation was bizarre due to the fact that Nylander had played all 82 games for the Maple Leafs during the regular season and did not appear to be dealing with injury issues, only to suddenly be unable to go in the most important games of the season.

The entire situation has been more than a little bizarre and on Monday even National Hockey League insider Elliotte Friedman spoke out about just how "weird" this situation had become.

The insider isn't the only one speaking out today however as a pair of former NHL players have now added their voices to the chorus of voices criticizing the Maple Leafs for whatever has transpired here. The first to speak out was former NHL defenseman Marc Methot, never one to be shy about speaking his mind, and Methot made it clear that he feels the mystery surrounding Nylander's situation is only adding to chaos.

"I understand why teams like keeping injury info close to the chest in the playoffs. I get it," admitted Methot.

"But this Nylander situation is turning into a major distraction for the team. The lack of transparency feeds speculation online, and now everybody is pissed at Willy AND Keefe. Nobody wins."

Methot's sentiments were echoed by a former Toronto Maple Leaf in the form of former NHL defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo, who left no doubt about the fact that he is in complete agreement with Methot on this one.

"No kidding," echoed Colaiacovo.

In spite of these protests, I don't expect the Maple Leafs to be any more forthcoming any time soon.