3 ex-NHLers sound off on “intentional” Adam Johnson incident
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3 ex-NHLers sound off on “intentional” Adam Johnson incident

Three former NHL players do not appear to believe this was merely a freak accident.

Jonathan Larivee

Earlier today I reported on the fact that, in the wake of the tragedy involving former Pittsburgh Penguins forward Adam Johnson this weekend, several large accounts on social media have begun questioning whether or not Johnson's death was indeed an accident. While this is a controversial stance to be sure, it is now one that is being echoed by multiple former players from the National Hockey League.

At least 3 ex-NHL players are now openly questioning the incident that took place this weekend with all 3 expressing their belief that this wasn't merely the freak accident that many have been portraying.

The most direct of the 3 is former NHL defenseman Chris Therrien, a veteran of 764 regular season games in the NHL, who on Monday outright stated his belief that this was an "intentional" act on the part of Sheffield Steelers defenseman Matt Petgrave.

"After seeing the incident involving Adam Johnson, that Bush league needs to shut down for investigation immediately," said a fiery Therrien. "I was literally appalled and sickened by what I saw. It looked intentional. It was a Kung fu kick. My eyes are not lying tell me I'm wrong."

This prompted a response from former NHL defenseman Marc Methot. While Methot did not go so far as Therrien, he did indicate that he believes Petgrave intentionally lifted his leg to impede Johnson's progress in a "reckless" manner.

"Horrible incident and I can’t imagine what the family is going thru," wrote Methot.

"I refuse to believe the defender targeted that area on purpose, but I do think it was an incredibly reckless attempt at disrupting Johnson’s path into the middle ice."

Former NHL player Daniel Carcillo also shared his thoughts on the matter and also made it clear he does not believe this was merely an accident.

"What happened to Adam Johnson is not a freak accident," said Carcillo.

"That individual who tried to make the hit, if you slow it down and you watch the video, he knew he was gonna miss his body and so he threw up his back leg. I'm sure he didn't mean to catch his throat and kill him, but you can't do that. You have to keep both skates on the ice no matter what."

A police investigation into the matter is currently ongoing.