Another blow to draft prospect Matvei Michkov...

Another blow to draft prospect Matvei Michkov...

So much going for the young player ahead of the NHL Entry Draft.



This has been a tough couple of months for op 2023 NHL Draft prospect Matvei Michkov. Back in April, it was reported that his father was found dead at age 51. The report got even more troubling when it was mentioned that Andrei Michkov had been missing since April 2 only to be found in a pond near Sochi. Matvei’s dad had reportedly left his home Sunday night, saying he’d be right back, but never returned.

Earlier this week, rumours emerged that Andrei Michkov’s death could be linked to Matvei’s NHL career as he was actively trying to invalidate his son’s contract which binds him to the KHL for another three years, in order to help him get into the NHL more quickly after this summer’s draft.

Now on Friday, signs point to Matvei Michkov falling down on the prospect board, with some pundits wondering if he will even crack the top-10.

That’s of course before of the KHL contract and the fact that Russian president Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine may affect Russian players in the coming years.

This could indeed push some NHL teams to pass on Michkov in order to get immediate help rather than wait out the end of his contract in Russia.

However, San Jose Sharks GM Mike Grier has mentioned after the draft lottery that he does not mind waiting for a quality prospect like Michkov.

“We’ll take in all the information and consider all the options. The good, the bad, and the pluses and minuses of all the players that will be options for us. It’s something that we’ll definitely discuss, but it’s not anything that’s going to take anyone off the table.”

The Sharks will select fourth overall, and if they pick Michkov, that means the young player was able to remain on the prestigious top 10 of this draft’s pool.

Let’s see what happens on June, 28.

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