Breaking: New source confirms rumors of a big time scandal in Montreal!

Another respected journalist puts his reputation on the line.

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As we reported earlier this morning, reporter Michel Villeneuve was hung out to dry by his employer after he threatened to reveal a major scandal involving the Montreal Canadiens, but now someone is coming to his aide.

After Villeneuve was fired by his employer for refusing to reveal his sources another highly respected Montreal journalist, Radio-Canada Sports' Martin Leclerc, has come to his defense stating that he has received the exact same information as Villeneuve from various sources, seemingly confirming the fact that there is indeed a big time scandal brewing behind the scenes in Montreal.

Leclerc is no bulls*** artist, and the fact that he has now attached his name to this story in a very public fashion is a devastating piece of news for the Montreal Canadiens, as it now genuinely appears to the outside world that they may have pressured a company into firing a man for telling the truth. Furthermore this also means Leclerc is now putting his reputation on the line to corroborate that Therrien did call Pacioretty the worst captain in Canadiens history. 

Therrien denied ever saying that, so either the coach is lying, or this highly respect journalist with no dog in this fight has sabotaged his reputation to lie.

It's also worth noting the fact that Villeneuve claimed to have something even worse to reveal about Therrien's comments, and one has to wonder what could possibly be more damning to the head coach than him calling his captain the worst in the organization's history? 

It should come as no surprise that fans are now calling for Therrien's job, with some openly imploring Montreal Canadiens owner Geoff Molson do step in here and do something about a fiasco that turned what looked like an exciting summer into a dumpster fire.

It's also worth noting, Villeneuve stated this morning he plans to release all of his information upon his return from vacation in October, despite the fact it cost him his job.