Breaking News: Incriminating information concerning Carey Price?

Shocking revelation could compromise Price's reputation.


What is wrong with Carey Price lately?

This is a question that every single fan around Montreal and the NHL are asking themselves on the former Vezina and Hart trophy winner. Price is struggling lately not only by allowing goals he’s not supposed to but also by showing a clear lack of focus in his game. He let shown multiple frustration signs over the season and one journalist might have found the roots of this unexpected behaviors from Price.

According to the well-respected Montreal journalist Claude Poirier, a story that happened off the ice might be behind his lack of focus on the ice.

This morning on 91.9 Montreal Sports*, Poirier (who’s close to multiple official police sources) stated that an incident is disturbing Price. 

As per Poirier, Carey Price has asked his lawyer to go to a bar in Montreal for taking apart incriminating video of him.

Poirier concluded by stating he does not have all the information for now, but all he has is coming from official Montreal police sources.

*Radio station where former NHL player George Laraque is working.