Breaking: Two sources claim Milan Lucic has made his choice.

Details inside.

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We have not yet heard anything official, but one reporter is claiming that soon to be free agent forward Milan Lucic has already made his choice.

Sportsnet's Gene Principe is reporting that one source informed him that there was a 95% chance Lucic would sign with the Edmonton Oilers, a team that Lucic was scheduled to visit on Tuesday. Furthermore Principe adds that a second source told him that the likelihood of Lucic signing in Edmonton was 100%, that is to say a done deal.

The Oilers won't be able to sign Lucic prior to July 1st so it's hard to imagine that this deal is ironclad considering other teams could approach Lucic in the next few days, but Principe seems confident in his sources.

This explosive story has overshadowed the trade request from a very talented defenseman today.