Coyotes are destroyed and exposed by NHLPA!

Coyotes are destroyed and exposed by NHLPA!

Even the players have had enough!



The Coyotes keep saying they’re working hard at finding a site and starting the construction of a new arena in Arizona, it isn’t enough for NHLPA executive director Marty Walsh. On Friday during his All-Star press conference, Walsh was quite critical of the Coyotes’ ownership, calling them out for refusing to meet to discuss player concerns. He believes it’s been long enough to find an arena solution!

Walsh revealed that the Coyotes have missed two deadlines already to move forward with an arena project.

“How long do you wait to get a home? They’re playing in a college arena and they’re the second tenant in that arena. … This is not the way to run a business.”

He added that he was “extremely disappointed” with the franchise and that owner Alex Meruelo has refused to engage with the union on numerous fronts.

Ever since the move to Arizona 1996, the Coyotes have been struggling to keep a steady home, moving from Phoenix to Glendale and now currently playing at Mullett Arena in Tempe which only holds about 5,000 fans.

The plan was for the Coyotes to build a sports and entertainment district in Tempe, they did not secure enough votes in a special election last May causing them to move forward with the project.

Walsh said:  "If there’s no plan in Arizona, I would encourage a move to another location, absolutely. If Utah’s the place, Utah’s the place. I’d encourage it. I haven’t seen the data to back it up if Utah’s the place. "

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is still delusional about the Coyotes staying in Arizona and said, before Walsh took over at the podium that he is “reasonably confident” that Alex Meruelo will deliver on his promise to secure a new NHL-quality arena in Arizona.

Sure, Gary.

When asked about a potential expansion in the league or even relocation, Bettman commented on recent news that Utah is interested in getting a team. While their interest has been the most aggressive, Bettman noted inquiries from Cincinnati, Houston, Atlanta, Kansas City, Omaha.

How can he forget Quebec City? What a mess. One thing is clear for everyone: find someone who commits to you, like Bettman is committed to the Coyotes. 

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