Early leak on NHL jerseys may be excellent news for NHL fans!

Some very good news for fans of the NHL.

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The National Hockey League signed a new deal for their jerseys, switching from the Reebok brand to the Adidas brand, although Reebok is owned by Adidas. 

The news initially did not seem like that big of a deal at the time of the announcement as there were only very minor changes announced to the jerseys, however it may mean a lot more for NHL fans. 

An early leak from the Buffalo Sabres shop appears to have revealed that fans of the league will receive a significant discount on the top tier quality jerseys under the new Adidas branding, at least if the prices they listed are to be believed. Those prices have the jerseys listed at $180 for blank jerseys and $249 for lettered jerseys, and according to Jeff Veillette of Face Off Circle that is a significant price cut.

From Veillette:

The EDGE jerseys retailed in the neighbourhood of $249-299 US blank, with $349-359 being the price tag for fully lettered, on-ice spec uniforms. So, in actuality, there’s a pretty steep price cut coming here from Adidas compared to what they were charging under the Reebok brand. 

The cheaper jerseys will no longer be produced by Adidas or Rebook and instead have been handed over to Fanatics and Veillette believes that is playing a large role in the price cut from Adidas. 

Regardless of the reason it's great news for fans of the NHL.