Evander Kane sounds off on 'passionate' Oilers fan.

Evander Kane sounds off on 'passionate' Oilers fan.

Evander Kane shares his thoughts on a passionate Oilers fan that went viral last week.

Jonathan Larivee

The Edmonton Oilers are headed to the Stanley Cup Final.

With a 3 decades long Stanley Cup drought in the country of Canada you would think that all of the talk over the last week in the city of Edmonton would be on the topic of the Cup Final, and that has largely been the case. In spite of the big stakes on the line for the Oilers however there was one other topic of discussion about the Oilers last week that had nothing to do with the product on the ice, but instead was focused on a fan in the crowd.

I'm sure everyone reading this will already know which fan I'm speaking off, a female Oilers fan who got a little too excited in the crowd and decided to flash that very same crowd to show her exuberance.

We've all shared our thoughts on the incident on social media but the real question is, what did the players in the Oilers locker room think of the incident?

Recently Oilers forward Evander Kane shared his thoughts when he was asked about what had transpired in the crowd in Edmonton, and he admitted that just about everyone in the Oilers locker room has seen the video in question.

"Well I think it was almost impossible not to see that video," admitted Kane. "Obviously being in Edmonton just turning on your cell phone right?"

Kane isn't kidding, the video was widely shared on social media and has been viewed millions of times by people around the world since the incident happened. I have no doubt that the players in the Oilers locker room were being flooded with notifications about the incident moments after it went viral.

So how did Kane feel about the incident itself?

"We have an incredibly passionate fan base and I think that was a great example of that," said Kane smiling from ear to ear as he made the comment."

It also sounds like the Oilers worked out the mystery of which player's jersey she was wearing.

"You know what I don't know how many people were actually looking at the jersey, but apparently it was discovered she was wearing a Sam Gagner jersey," revealed Kane.

You can hear Kane's comments on the situation in the short clip below: