Ex-NHL ref Tim Peel rubs salt in the wounds of Oilers fans

The controversial former official telling it like he sees it.

Michael W.

The Edmonton Oilers find themselves up against the wall in their first Stanley Cup Final appearance since 2006, having dropped both games at Amerant Bank Arena against the Florida Panthers. They now have no choice but to win four of the potential five games remaining in the series if they are to capture their first title since 1990, and the nation of Canada's first since 1993. 

And as it has been all postseason long, the officiating has been called into question. Panthers fans are feeling slighted by the fact that Leon Draisaitl isn't being punished for his questionable high hit on captain Aleksander Barkov, while Oilers fans are feeling miffed for not getting more chances with the man advantage. 

Former NHL referee Tim Peel, who was terminated by the League after a hot-mic incident in 2021, isn't interested in hearing any of the complaints from Edmonton fans, however. He wrote the following on social media: 

"Trying to be objective here but blaming the refs in my opinion is the easy way out! Your team has scored 1 goal in 2 games," Peel said. "Jeremy Roenick and I talked about Evan Rodriques this morning on Snipes and Stripes Oilers do not get any depth scoring unlike the stanley cup finals."

He continued: 

"There are questionable calls every game in the playoffs according to that fan base. I’m sure #TimeToHunt didn’t agree with all the calls. #LetsGoOilers need scoring from their 3rd and 4 lines like the ##TimeToHunt get. Cannot rely on Connor and Leon every game."

While the fairness of the calls that have been made (and not made) are always going to be the subject of debate, the simple fact is that the Oilers aren't going to get it done by having scored just one goal in two games. 

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Source: Twitter