Fans outraged by Leafs’ Brendan Shanahan’s during press conference!
Press conference by Leafs, on X  

Fans outraged by Leafs’ Brendan Shanahan’s during press conference!

Yeah, that did not go well.

Chris Gosselin

On Friday morning, Keith Pelley, Brendan Shanahan and Brad Treliving addressed the media following the end of the season of the Toronto Maple Leafs, which started off on Thursday with the firing of head coach Sheldon Keefe.

In a stunning turn of events, it was quickly understood by fans listening to the press conference that Shanahan was staying put as Leafs president and alternate governor for the upcoming season.

And this despite the fact that he kicked off the presser by claiming responsibility for lack of playoff success. He added that he appreciated Keefe taking the blame for the playoff letdowns in Toronto, but said the "unacceptable" results are on him.

"Our results in the playoffs have not been good enough. That's on me."

And yet, he survives… Fans immediately took to social media to call out the Maple Leafs’ outrageous decision and commented on how Shanahan himself basically admitted most of Toronto’s lack of success in the postseason comes back to him!

Fans cannot believe this and made sure to voice their frustration on X, formerly known as Twitter: 

Once Shanahan was done basically encouraging the team to part with him, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment president and CEO Keith Pelley stunned with this assessment of Shanny.

“Brendan Shanahan is the President of the Toronto Maple Leafs. He’s a champion.”

Let's not forget he is four weeks into his role with MLSE... 

Shanahan is coming off his 10th season with the Maple Leafs since being named president in 2014. His current contract is set to expire next summer after signing a six-year extension in 2019.

Shanahan went on to explain that the Maple Leafs will look at everything this summer and considering changing everything, adding that the patterns have become too familiar to stay patient. 

However, it seems like Toronto and MLSE group have more than enough patience with him… Many too much, according to fans.

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