Flyers goalie Ivan Fedotov fears he has been poisoned.
Barry Hanrahan/Flyers  

Flyers goalie Ivan Fedotov fears he has been poisoned.

This story keeps getting worse.

Jonathan Larivee

The story surrounding Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Ivan Fedotov is getting scarier and scarier by the minute, but this latest update takes things to an entirely new level of terror.

The latest in the saga is coming to us courtesy of Fedotov's lawyer, Alexei Ponomarev, who, in something that seems like a tale out of a movie, describes his client has been injected with substances that he doesn't understand. Additionally, the lawyer describes that his client does not appear to be in a good state of health, this despite the fact that he was picked up outside of a training facility by military police on Friday. Most disturbing of all though appears to be the deliberate secrecy around what is currently happening to the talented goaltender.

"Ivan’s condition is not very good. When I saw him, he was in some kind of half-asleep state," said Fedotov's lawyer as per Russian outlet Fontanka. "They say that he was given some kind of injections, which he does not know. Representatives of the hospital [with us] do not communicate, for some reason he is not listed on their lists. It was possible to find out that he is in the Department of Surgery. I managed to get through to the nurse, she said that Ivan’s doctor is now in surgery and can’t contact me."

A reporter at MatchTV, the outlet that has provided the most coverage surrounding this story thus far, described how Fedotov believes he may have been poisoned. This would appear to line up with what Fedotov's lawyer has said about injections and his client not looking healthy.

"Ivan complained of stomach pain and possible poisoning when he was in the military commissariat of St. Petersburg, after which he was taken to a medical institution," said the reporter.

There has been tremendous concern regarding the welfare of Fedotov since video cameras captured him being detained by military police outside of a training facility this week, but those concerns have now amplified considerably given that it appears everyone is being denied access to him.

Update: According to MatchTV, Fedotov may have been transported away from the hospital but no one appears to know where he is.

Until the evening, there was a feeling that Ivan Fedotov would stay here for the night, since his health did not improve. There were difficulties in providing him with medical care, he was diagnosed with gastritis. But just in the evening, a military police car left the territory of the naval hospital, which had been there throughout the day. According to the geolocation, which he gave to his relatives in advance, it became clear that Ivan left the hospital, and it is not yet known exactly where he was taken," said reporter Oleg Aleksashin as per MatchTV.

We will continue to monitor this story and bring you what updates we can as they become available, we ask that you keep Fedotov in your thoughts at this time because it sounds like what was already a horrifying situation is somehow getting even worse.