Furious, Evander Kane tears into Joe Veleno on Saturday.

Furious, Evander Kane tears into Joe Veleno on Saturday.

The Edmonton Oilers forward unloaded on the Detroit Red Wings forward on Saturday over an ugly cheap shot.

Jonathan Larivee

In my original article covering this story I mentioned that there could be consequences for Detroit Red Wings forward Joe Veleno beyond discipline from the International Ice Hockey Federation, and now we have our very first example of exactly that.

One of Joe Velno's peers in the National Hockey League has now caught wind of his actions and, unsurprisingly given what he went through recently, has absolutely unloaded on the former first round pick. That peer is Edmonton Oilers' forward Evander Kane who of course suffered a brutal cut to his wrist when it was accidently stepped on by Tampa Bay Lightning forward Pat Maroon.

Given that context you can understand why Evander Kane would be particularly disturbed when he saw Velno stomp the leg of NHL veteran Nino Niederreiter today, an action that was by no means an accident. 

As you might expect Kane did not hold back in his criticism of Veleno, absolutely tearing into the Red Wings forward for his actions.

"This is why fighting in Hockey is needed, it discourages ideas like this and helps police the game effectively," wrote Kane on Saturday. "Disgusting play to watch. Especially after my injury this year. Embarrassing"