Habs prospect cracks the top 5 NHL prospects.

Habs prospect gets a high rating.

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Normally around this time of year we would be discussing the fallout from the National Hockey League Entry Draft as well as the free agent frenzy in the NHL but those things have taken a backseat this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It also means for some young players that their development will in many cases be delayed as a result of the large pause on this current NHL season, some of which are among the best young up and coming NHL stars of the future. On Monday NHL analyst Scott Wheeler took a close look at those top prospects, those that have already been drafted by NHL teams, waiting in the wings for their shot at the NHL and in the case of the Montreal Canadiens the findings were quite positive.

Habs forward prospect Cole Caufield managed to crack the top 5 on that list and in fact was the bookend player for the top 3, finishing #3 among all prospects at any position across the league. The bad news of course for the Canadiens is that he is yet another winger and not the true centerman that many believe the organization still desperately needs, but there is plenty of positive upside to Caufield and that much should be clear given his position on this list. 

Caufield has always had his doubters, the offensively focused forward has always been considered a goal scorer first and one that some analysts believe has been too reliant on other playmakers on his teams to shine at the NHL level. The reality is of course that you are going to find those kind of playmakers in the NHL and at the end of the day you're going to need someone who can shoot the puck from multiple different angles on the ice. Caufield is that type of goal scorer and, although he comes with his defensive liabilities, those are the kinds of things you overlook when it comes to an offensive talent of his caliber. 

Here's a look at the young man in action: