Horrifying video of Adam Johnson's neck injury emerges.

Horrifying video of Adam Johnson's neck injury emerges.

A horrifying video of the injury to former Penguins forward Adam Johnson has made its way onto social media.

Jonathan Larivee

The first images of a horrific incident that took place on Saturday are starting to make their way onto social media.

On Saturday, former Pittsburgh Penguins forward Adam Johnson was badly injured when he was effectively kicked in the neck by the skate blade of an opposing player. The impact of the blade immediately caused serious injury to Johnson who began gushing out blood on the ice, much to the horror of those who were in attendance.

The video, which has been shared by an anonymous user on X, formerly known as Twitter, thankfully only shows the moments of impact and has been carefully cut off before any bleeding from Johnson is visible.

The game was shut down due to a "major medical emergency" and fans were even evacuated from the building because of the extremely serious nature of the injury.

We are still awaiting an official medical update on Johnson's status, the last official update from the Nottingham Panthers was 7 hours ago, shortly after the incident occurred, and related to the evacuation of the building.

Update: The Nottingham Panthers have confirmed the terrible news that Adam Johnson has passed away due to his injuries.

Update: 3 former NHL players are expressing doubts about this being an accident.