Ilya Samsonov reveals how he got injured in practice.

Ilya Samsonov reveals how he got injured in practice.

Ilya Samsonov gave the Maple Leafs a scare on Saturday morning, and we now know why.

Jonathan Larivee

The Toronto Maple Leafs were given a bit of a scare on Saturday morning when goaltender Ilya Samsonov left practice after suffering an injury.

At the time of the incident, Samsonov's body language appeared to indicate that things might be serious with the Russian netminder leaving the ice hunched over in pain. To make matters worse, Samsonov showed signs of clear frustration when he violently tossed his stick as he left the ice.

We would of course learn a little later from Sheldon Keefe that Samsonov was just fine, so what then provoked such a reaction? Following a Maple Leafs loss to the Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday night, Samsonov revealed why he had looked so hurt in the moment, but managed to be fine just hours later to play against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Samsonov revealed that he had been hit in a "bad zone" and I think that description combined with Samsonov leaving the ice hunched over in real pain and a relatively quick recovery gives just about every guy reading this a pretty darn good idea of what happened to him during practice.

It would also explains why Sheldon Keefe chuckled earlier in the day when asked about the Samsonov injury, something the reporters on scene apparently did as well after Samsonov explained himself this evening.

"Why are you guys smiling?" asked the Leafs goaltender.

I am happy to see that Samsonov and his family jewels were able to make a full and speedy recovery.