Ivan Fedotov may be forced to remain in Russia.
Barry Hanrahan/Flyers  

Ivan Fedotov may be forced to remain in Russia.

Ivan Fedotov remains in Russia.

Jonathan Larivee

Over the course of the last few days we have been hearing more and more information about the health and status of Finnish-Russian goaltender Ivan Fedotov. Fedotov, who signed a deal with the Philadelphia Flyers in May with the hopes of coming to play in North America, was recently detained by Russian military police and there has been concern regarding both his whereabouts and his well being ever since.

The Flyers have commented on the situation, indicating through general manager Chuck Fletcher that they are aware of the situation but they didn't say much more than that.

"We're aware of the reports and are investigating the situation," said Fletcher. "We have no further comment at this time."

Although there seems to be a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the situation involving Fedotov, it sounds like there is a growing belief he may be forced to remain in Russia despite his wishes to the contrary. Former Russian national team coach Vladimir Krikunov, who currently coaches Dinamo Riga of the Kontinental Hockey League, indicated that he believes Fedotov will be forced to play for CSKA Moscow again next season. As for why this is happening? According to the veteran head coach it is due to the fact that the Russian army team is in need of a goaltender.

"Apparently, the situation in the club was different. And now the army team really needs a goalkeeper," said Krikunov as per MatchTV.

In fact he would go on to express that he does not believe Fedotov would have ever been detained by military police had this not been the case.

"I am sure that if Fedotov was not a goalkeeper in whom CSKA is interested, no one would have been looking for him from the military registration and enlistment office," admitted Krikunov.

Perhaps the most chilling part of Krikunov's comments came when he was asked if CSKA Moscow, the Russian army team, had the kind of ties to the Russian Ministry of Defense that would allow them to pull off a stunt of this nature.

"CSKA can do anything in our league," said Krikunov.

One can only hope that Fedotov, who fears he may have even been poisoned, will make it through this ordeal in one piece.