Jack Edwards calls out NHL officials by name on Saturday.

Jack Edwards calls out NHL officials by name on Saturday.

Jack Edwards was fired up on Saturday afternoon, tearing into a pair of NHL referees.

Jonathan Larivee

Regardless of whether you love him or hate him, there's no question that Boston Bruins announcer Jack Edwards is one of the most recognizable voices in the sport of hockey today.

Edwards' unique brand of announcing, one in which he proudly flaunts his love and bias for the Boston Bruins, has often made him a controversial figure in the world of hockey and on Saturday he once again skirted the edges of controversy when he tore into a pair of the National Hockey League's referees.

Edwards' ire was directed at referees Eric Furlatt and Michael Markovic who were calling Saturday's clash between the Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers, and he wasn't shy about it either. Edwards effectively called both referees blind after they missed a pretty blatant knee on knee delivered by Flyers defenseman Erik Johnson to Bruins forward Brad Marchand, one that resulted in a penalty being called against Marchand.

Edwards began by calling out both officials by name:

"Eric Furlatt and Michael Markovic are the referees today, neither of them wears glasses on the ice" said Edwards in a mocking tone.

The Bruins announcer then proceeded to suggest that the lack of a call was so egregious, and so dangerous to the well being of the players on the ice, that the referees should both be suspended by the disciplinary arm of the league.

"Department of player safety ought to suspend the two refs," said Edwards with a laugh.

Something tells me the NHL won't be following up on Edwards' request.