Jim Montgomery snaps over controversial call in Game 4.

Jim Montgomery snaps over controversial call in Game 4.

The head coach of the Boston Bruins has not been happy with the NHL's officials over the last two games.

Jonathan Larivee

Boston Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery was furious with the officiating over the course of Game 3 in the second round Stanley Cup playoff series between the Bruins and Florida Panthers, and that trend appears to have carried over into Game 4.

Montgomery is absolutely furious with the National Hockey League's officials in Game 4 after a game tying goal from the Florida Panthers was allowed to stand. Montgomery not only believed that the goal should have been waived off in the first place, but was even more furious when the call was upheld upon review.

Montgomery and the Bruins believed the goal should have been waived off after Panthers forward Sam Bennett pushed Bruins forward Charlie Coyle into Bruins goaltender Jeremy Swayman. Here's a slow motion and close up replay of the moment that was in dispute.

Once again there was no audio of Montgomery's tirade at the officials on the ice, but Montgomery did an excellent job of displaying just how furious he truly was with the referees.

Now I'm no expert lip reader but it looked to me like Montgomery was swearing at the two officials in French, which would make sense given that Frederick L’Ecuyer and Francis Charron are tonight's referees. If I am indeed correct Montgomery was saying "Mange de la marde" which directly translates to "Eat s***" in the French language.

Take a look for yourselves: