John Tortorella admits the truth after latest brutal Flyers loss

Last night may have been the final nail in the Flyers' coffin.



There was a time recently when fiery NHL bench boss John Tortorella had the Philadelphia Flyers on the verge of a postseason spot, and many were crediting his absolute no-nonsense approach to the game. 

But then, things began falling apart around the time he made the stunning decision to designate captain Sean Couturier a healthy scratch for two straight games, and even recently threw the entire team under the bus in a postgame interview.

Last night, the Flyers may have had their fates sealed with a stunning 9-3 setback against the Montreal Canadiens, who have been officially eliminated from any chance of the postseason. It was the 8th straight loss for the Flyers, and Tortorella admitted that this may be "rock bottom" for his team. 

“They need to answer the questions,” Tortorella said of his team after the blowout loss. 

“I don’t question their effort because it’s been a strong group all year long,” he added. “I’m frustrated for them because this was rock bottom tonight for us and I hate to see us at this time of year be playing this way after all the good minutes we’ve put in throughout the year.”

He continued: 

“We made a lot of mistakes. Turnovers, coverages, any part of the game there were mistakes,” Tortorella said. “You’ve got to eat it and we’ve got to stay together and try to solve things.

“Whether it’s enough time to do what we want to do to try to get in, I’m not concerned about that. I’m concerned about just being pros trying to get some of our dignity back.”

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Source: TSN