Jonathan Toews takes a controversial stance on COVID-19 pandemic

The Blackhawks’ captain ruffles some feathers with his comments yesterday.

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Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews isn’t known to be an outspoken guy. Sure, he’s one of the best leaders in sports and he has shown us on occasion that he’s a thoughtful guy with more on his mind than just wins and losses, but you’d never describe him as “controversial”. 

Which is why yesterday’s comments from Toews concerning the COVID-19 pandemic has ruffled some feathers across the NHL. Specifically, Toews talked about how he believes there’s “uncertainty” as to how and why people catch the coronavirus, despite the fact that it has been scientifically and factually proven

“Does anybody really know how and when people catch this thing?” Toews said yesterday afternoon. “I think the best you can do is get good rest, eat healthy, take care of your body, kind of do the little things that lower your chances. What else can you do? Sitting around worrying about it is just going to drive you crazy."

Believe it or not, Toews actually drew the ire of some hockey fans by simply suggesting that we don't have all the facts about COVID-19 and that everyone should be resting and taking care of themselves.

Wait... people are mad at Toews for this? Yes. I mean... it is 2020 and outrage culture is at its peak right now, so nothing surprises me these days. From my perspective, Toews is offering some good advice and is certainly not advocating for opening things back up, ditching your mask or protesting medical regulations.

“I think the NHL’s gone to great lengths to create a safe environment," Toews continued. "It’s far from perfect at the end of the day. Everyone has their own beliefs, seeing where they stand with all this. It’s up to you to really do the right thing to be respectful of others but also take care of yourself.”

To be fair though, I see where people would take issue with Toews' comments. Specifically the phrases "Does anybody really know how and when people catch this thing" and "Everyone has their own beliefs", but I don't believe that Toews said these things in a 'veiled comment' kind of way. I think he was just speaking his mind. Given the blowback from fans though, I imagine he'll choose his words more carefully in the future.

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