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JT Miller’s true reputation exposed from Canucks’ dressing room!

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The scene was trending all last week. In the last moments of the game with the Vancouver Canucks trailing 3-2 against the Winnipeg Jets, goalie Collin Delia attempted to get back the bench for the extra attacker, but hesitated several times. This prompted his own teammate JT Miller to shout at him to get off the ice before slamming his stick on the net in disgust.

When asked about the altercation, the Canucks’ forward downplayed the incident, telling Ryan Leslie of Sportsnet that there is no drama between the two and only cares about the opinions of his team.

This prompted insider Frank Seravalli says that Miller has developed a reputation on the team for “being a prick”.

This probably goes with the altercation that took place between Miller and Luke Schenn during the Vancouver’s home opener on Oct 22. When Miller messed up, Schenn attempted to talk to his teammate, but the forward skated away, which led to both players screaming at each other. It got so heated that Conor Garland had to step in and separate them before getting to the dressing room. After the game, Miller was asked about the incident and responded with, “no offence, it’s none of your business.”

These incidents certainly aren’t a great look on Miller, whose name has even come up in trade chatter, especially since the start of this struggling season for Vancouver.

Some chatter has even suggested that Miller should be stripped on his A… With the reports of Seravalli on his reputation, Miller is probably feeling the heat.

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Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive hockey news, analysis and insider info.
Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive hockey news, analysis and insider info.