Legendary enforcer Donald Brashear drops the gloves at 51!

Legendary enforcer Donald Brashear drops the gloves at 51!

Legendary NHL enforcer Donald Brashear drops the gloves and dominates at 51 years of age.

Jonathan Larivee

I did not expect to see a hockey fight featuring legendary National Hockey League enforcer Donald Brashear ever again, but here we are.

Brashear is currently playing in the LNAH, the Ligue Nord-Americaine de Hockey, a low level hockey league based out of Quebec,Canada, and recently he was challenged by Derek Parker during a game in that league. Not only is Parker 11 years younger than Brashear, who is now 51 years old, but he is also known as a professional goon measuring in at 6'2 and tipping the scales at 240 lbs.

As you might expect from the legendary enforcer, Brashear showed absolutely no fear and in fact showed quite a big of swagger when challenged by Parker whom he would make short work of. If anything it looked like Parker quickly regretted his decision to challenge the legendary enforcer given the fact that he was literally bear hugging Brashear at one point, holding on for dear life to avoid any further damage.

When Brashear finally broke free of Parker's grip, Parker quickly threw himself down to the ice in the turtle position in another effort to avoid getting clobbered by Brashear.