Multiple sources confirm Corey Perry is an Edmonton Oiler.

Multiple sources confirm Corey Perry is an Edmonton Oiler.

Multiple sources are now reporting that Corey Perry and the Oilers have agreed to a new deal.

Jonathan Larivee

Earlier today I reported on a rumor that was circulating, one strongly linking veteran National Hockey League forward Corey Perry to the Edmonton Oilers.

Although the Oilers have not confirmed those rumors, multiple sources from around the NHL have now confirmed that this is indeed a done deal. It sounds like Perry will earn a league minimum salary that will be prorated for what remains of the season on his new deal, a deal that is also expected to include performance bonuses.

The deal is not expected to be announced today with Oilers insider Mark Spector reporting that, although there will be no announcement forthcoming from the Oilers today, that announcement is expected to be made on Monday at some point.

That being said, this report is in and of itself a confirmation that the Oilers and Perry have in fact agreed to terms on a new deal, with tomorrow's announcement merely a formality at this point.