Must See: The NHL’s biggest hot heads

These bench bosses aren’t exactly great at keeping their cool.

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In their latest post on hockey blog BarDown, the TSN staff have ranked the “5 most animated coaches in the NHL” and the results are hard to argue with. While the days of bench clearing brawls and coaches trying to get at each other’s throats are mostly over, these guys are kicking it old school.

Check it out:

Bruce Boudreau - Minnesota Wild
Have you ever wondered what a tomato would look like if it argued a penalty call with an NHL official? Well, take a look at this photo and wonder no longer.

Mike Babcock - Toronto Maple Leafs
One of the most respected coaches in the game has no trouble showing his emotions behind the bench. Could you imagine being on the opposing end of that icy stare? Chills.

Peter Laviolette - Nashville Predators

The veteran bench boss is an old school coach who has high demands of his players, but it’s hard to argue with the results. It’s also hard to deny those hip thrusts.

Paul Maurice - Winnipeg Jets
“I could make you cry in that [expletive] room.” Okay then, we’re sorry! Don’t make us cry!

John Tortorella - Columbus Blue Jackets
Was there really ever any doubt, I mean… come on: