Nike ends sponsorship with Hockey Canada amid major controversy.

Nike ends sponsorship with Hockey Canada amid major controversy.

Hockey Canada has lost one of it's premier sponsorships as the 2018 World Juniors scandal continues to rock the organization.

Jonathan Larivee

The controversy surrounding Hockey Canada seemingly has no end to it, and on Monday we were treated to the latest chapter in this ongoing saga.

According to a report from Susan Krashinsky Robertson of The Globe and Mail, the controversy surrounding the 2018 World Juniors team has now cost Hockey Canada one of it's premier sponsors.

On Monday, it was reported that sporting goods giant Nike has officially terminated its sponsorship with Hockey Canada in wake of how the scandal was handled and the subsequent investigation that followed. Although Nike's direct partnership with Hockey Canada has come to an end, they will continue to provide products to their athletes due to existing agreements.

“We will continue to provide on-ice product for Hockey Canada athletes as part of our partnership with the International Ice Hockey Federation, but our individual partnership with the federation has ended,” Nike’s statement said as per The Globe and Mail.

Throughout the reporting on this scandal Nike itself has been indirectly linked to the scandal, and you have to wonder if this may have played a role in their decision to terminate the sponsorship entirely. 

In December, it was revealed that a mysterious man, one who had been seen buying rounds of drinks for members of the 2018 World Junior hockey team prior to the alleged assault taking place, was actually a senior employee at Nike Canada.

That may be pure coincidence though, but the one thing that is certain is that we have not heard the last on this, especially not with rumors of suspensions forthcoming for active NHL players as a result of this scandal.