Nino Niederreiter slams Joe Veleno, calls for discipline from IIHF.

Nino Niederreiter slams Joe Veleno, calls for discipline from IIHF.

Switzerland's Nino Niederreiter calls out a vicious attack from Canada's Joe Veleno on Saturday.

Jonathan Larivee

The pressure on Canadian forward Joe Veleno continues to mount, with now the man he attacked joining the chorus of voices calling for the former Detroit Red Wings first round draft pick to be disciplined for his actions.

On Saturday, Veleno delivered a vicious-looking stomp the leg and ankle of Switzerland's Nino Niederreiter during a game at the International Ice Hockey Federation's World Championship and has been widely criticized by fans on social media, pundits, and even his peers in the National Hockey League.

Now though Niederreiter himself is calling out Veleno following the stomp, and he is also calling on the IIHF to step in and intervene in this matter given the serious nature of the attack from Veleno.

"It does not belong to our sport," said Niederreiter. "You can't do it. It's too dangerous, blades are extremely sharp. He try to go in the battle to hurt me and almost going to brake my ankle. I'm very curious,what IIHF do about it.I hope they do better job."

Niederreiter's comments about a 'better job' are likely a reference to the fact that the incident went uncalled during the game itself, with Veleno not receiving so much as a minor penalty for the infraction on the ice. Given the coverage this has received, including drawing the attention of players in the NHL, I suspect we will see the IIHF hand down some kind of ruling on this matter.