Patrick Kane has message for fans in Chicago after big win.

Patrick Kane has message for fans in Chicago after big win.

Patrick Kane had a special message to share with his fans in Chicago after his big win at the United Center.

Jonathan Larivee

The National Hockey League was the site of something special on Sunday night as NHL superstar Patrick Kane returned to the United Center for the first time as a visiting player.

There were numerous can't-miss type of moments throughout the game but the one that will be on everyone's mind on Monday morning will be the incredible overtime winner scored by Kane himself, like it had been drawn up in a script for a Hollywood movie.

For Kane though the moment was much more than just a simple goal, and that much was obvious from the elation on the face of the usually pretty stoic Kane after he put the puck past Blackhawks goaltender Petr Mrazek. Kane would even admit as much following the game, sending a special message to the fans in Chicago who stayed to cheer him even after he handed them a loss at home.

"Just a lot of emotions right now, scoring that goal, being back here, being on a different team," admitted Kane. "Just tried to show the fans there at the end they’ll always have my heart here."

That sure does sound like Kane might be paving a path back to Chicago before the end of his NHL career, although that may be a case of me reading too much into his statement after a big emotional win. Either way, it is clear that Patrick Kane still loves the fans in Chicago just as much as they love him.