Paul Bissonnette reveals the 'new Leafs head coach.'

Paul Bissonnette reveals the 'new Leafs head coach.'

Has Paul 'Biznasty' Bissonnette said more than he should during the live broadcast?

Jonathan Larivee

If there's any nugget of truth to this whatsoever, Paul 'Biznasty' Bissonnette may have just gotten himself and a few others into some hot water.

On Sunday night, Bissonnette made what may have very well been a throwaway comment, but it is one that has kicked up a veritable firestorm on social media. During the intermission of Game 7 between the Vegas Golden Knights and Dallas Stars on TNT, Bissonnette threw a jab at former National Hockey League head coach Craig Berube one that accused Berube of being the next head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

"Chief, that's enough buddy - I'm gonna break the news that you're the new Leafs head coach," said Bissonnette in response to being chirped by Berube.

The Maple Leafs of course already have a head coach in the form of Sheldon Keefe, but there are some who have already predicted that Keefe will be fired in a number of days. Sudden and unexpected changes to the Maple Leafs end of season availability may also lend credibility to that prediction.

One thing is certain, there are already hundreds if not thousands of fans analyzing Craig Berube's reaction to Bissonnette's comments over and over again.

Take a look for yourself: