Police gets involved in player using skate blade to attack rival’s face on ice!

This video went viral earlier this week:


We found out more about a video that went viral this week in which we can see a player on the bottom of a scrum pushing his rival away, but then kicking him in the face with his skate blade.

The Province reveals that a player in a Friday night game at Burnaby’s Scotia Barn, home to one of the many ASHL operations across the country, kicked an opponent in the head with his skate and that police is now investigating the incident.

Police confirmed to Postmedia that a player was allegedly kicked during the game and required medical treatment.
Dave Rainville, the ASHL’s Burnaby league manager, confirmed the incident and mentioned that the player had been suspended from the league indefinitely and “and will receive supplemental discipline in line with Section 2.15 (A) of the ASHL rule book.”

“While we acknowledge that the total prevention of incidents like this is not possible, we will continue to ensure that such incidents are treated with appropriate supplemental discipline, including the potential for a player to be permanently expelled from the league.”

We get why the cops are investigating the incident - but it should have never happened!

In the video, a player from a team called the Hotshots gave a player from a team called Grizznasty a shove after the whistle. During the scrum, the Grizznasty wearing No. 17 starts shoving nother player, wearing No. 90, the same player he will eventually allegedly kick. The scoresheet identifies No. 17 as Brandon Gee-Moore.

As they fell to the ice, it looks like Gee-More punched his opponent’s body and head and as they get separated and roll over, Gee-More appears to kick No 90 with his skate.

Gee-More was assessed a major penalty and game misconduct for head-contact roughing, and a match penalty as well, presumably for the alleged kick.

This is what we found out looking into it, but we bet police is doing quite the thorough investigation on this dangerous incident.