Huge fiasco in reported new pro hockey league coming this fall

Huge fiasco in reported new pro hockey league coming this fall

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Chris Gosselin

It was all a dream. Or a scam. On Thursday evening, sunning hockey news dropped when Steve Dangle reported that a brand new, 3-on-3 pro hockey league is coming to North America this fall. Settled in Saskatchewan, the new endeavour is named Major League Hockey and it seeks to display the NHL’s 3-on-3 overtime format. The game will end after just 24 minutes of play with one intermission separating two halves. Dangle explained how the new league will be made up of 16 teams with 14 players (12 skaters, 2 goalies) on each roster.

The 16 clubs will be located in both Canada and the United States in the following regions with two of the them getting two teams:

Dangle also explained how the MLH, like the NHL, will have a salary cap, but we are talking astronomical sums here: each club will be allowed to pend up to $30 million, meaning players across the league will make on average $2.1 million if all teams spend up to the cap. Additionally, every single win a team gets will net them a bonus of $100,000 spread evenly among the coaches and players. All 16 teams will be allowed to sign three “marquee players” with professional experience in North America, Europe, or Russia.

Well-known players agent Allan Walsh responded to Dangle’s report, saying that he has heard the “venture has significant financial backing.”

The Hockey News’ Jacob Stoller added to Dangle’s report, stating that he has heard that a “good chunk” of the venture funds is coming from Saudi Arabia. Bauer, one of the leading ice hockey equipment manufacturers, is also reportedly involved to some extent.

But it all came crashing not even 24 hours later when Dangle himself posted this on social media: 

"Yesterday, I posted a video reporting on a new 3-on-3 hockey league in North America.

Today, I have received several concerning reports that raised doubts about several of the facts contained in the report and have decided to delete the report on all platforms."

It was fishy from the start. And now fans are simply mocking the whole report. 

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