Report: NHL insider reveals ‘viable option’ for expansion team

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Seattle, Seattle, Seattle. National Hockey League fans keep hearing about the city that is trying to land an NHL franchise. 

The Arizona Coyotes fans hold their breath when they hear about Seattle, but NHL insider Pierre LeBrun mentioned on Vancouver’s TSN 1040 that Quebec City is more than ready to have its own NHL team.

"Quebec City has the nicest hockey rink I have seen in my life. It is fantastic and I certainly hope one day that there is a NHL team there."

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has been reluctant to relocate a team, and though the future of the Calgary Flames appears to be in jeopardy, another expansion team looks more possible now than a move.

"Quebec City is a viable option," said LeBrun flat out. 

The Nordiques fans will be delighted to read this. 

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