Sean Avery mocks Ryan Reaves in online rant

The notorious former NHL pest didn't hold back.



Former National Hockey League forward Sean Avery quickly garnered a reputation for being one of the NHL's most notorious pests due to his constant trash talking and on (and off) ice antics. Throughout his career with the Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers, and Dallas Stars, he was always one of hockey's most hated players. 

Avery, who now hosts a weekly podcast titled "No Gruffs Given with Sean Avery" since December of 2019, is targeting Reaves for the second time. You may remember that when Reaves first signed with the Leafs this summer, Avery wasn't exactly a fan of the move.

“Mark my words, the Reavo [Reaves] thing’s going to turn into a sideshow,” he said at the time. 

He added: “I think he turns it into a too much of a him show. Just come into camp, bang [expletive] bodies, beat some people up. Become like a legend that way.”

And now, Reaves is once again in Avery's crosshairs in the wake of the former's feud with Chicago Blackhawks forward Corey Perry, a well known pest in his own right. 

"Let me just ask Ryan Reaves, what planet do you live on, brother?" Avery said. "I know you're in Toronto right now and everyone is buying you Tim Hortons and Timbits and you're getting back pats everywhere you go...but what is wrong with you? You will be out of the lineup by Game 46 because you're a clock killer. You can't play in the League anymore. So, please, please check yourself when referring to Corey Perry not being your equal in the toughness department." 

There may be a bit of truth to what Avery is saying regarding Reaves' future in the Leafs lineup. After all, the way the game has changed in the last several years has made players like Reaves less and less useful. Gone are the days of teams employing so-called "goons" who play four minutes a night and spend it all in the penalty box after a fight. 

Do you think Reaves will find himself out of the Leafs lineup midway through the season like Avery predicts? 

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