Subban calls out his former teammates hours before facing off against them.

P.K. Subban adds to today's controversy.

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P.K. Subban appears to have called out his former teammates in a major way.

The former Montreal Canadiens defenseman was honored on Wednesday with the Governor General's Meritorious Service Cross for his record-breaking $10 million dollar contribution to the Children's Hospital and two of his current Nashville Predators. teammates reportedly joined him during his visit to the hospital.

That fact would become important today when Subban decided to use it to call out his former Montreal Canadiens teammates in a major way.

"Josi and Fish came to the hospital with me yesterday. None of my teammates have done that before," said Subban as per Frederique Guay of TVA Sports.

There was already controversy today after Subban's video tribute was schedule to be before the game, rather than during it, and now this will only add more fuel on to the fire.