Team Canada 2018: accused players could face further repercussions!
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Team Canada 2018: accused players could face further repercussions!

We’re talking sanctions beyond the case in court!



According to Richard McLaren, who led investigations into Russian doping and corruption in the International Weightlifting Federation, players allegedly involved in the 2018 World Juniors sexual assault scandal in Canada could be banned from playing in the NHL due to violating their team’s and the league’s code of conduct. Regardless of the outcome of their case.

“There’s a lot of factors,” McLaren said to the Canadian Press. “It involves the player, their team, the league and the players association when it comes to further repercussions.”

As it’s been nationally covered for the past week, all five players allegedly involved in a sexual assault scandal that occurred during a Hockey Canada event in London in June 2018 have surrendered to the London police. Four National Hockey League players – Carter Hart, Michael McLeod, Dillon Dube and Cal Foote – surrendered on Tuesday, while former Ottawa Senators Alex Formenton, who currently plays in Switzerland, reported to police on Jan. 28.

On Monday, a press conference held by the London Police will take place Monday at 2 p.m. to provide an update related to a sexual assault allegation involving members of the 2018 Canadian world junior hockey team.

The NHL has conducted its own investigation into the sexual assault allegations, which have not been proven in court. However, McLaren states that the code of conduct agreement laid out by the players’ union indicates that they could be banned from playing in the NHL in the future.

“That’s totally possible,” he said.

McLaren however also stated that if acquitted, the players could continue a playing career and would not be barred from playing in the United States.

As for the time between now and the trial, which is likely to be held in a few years, it will come down to the teams as they will need to make a decision on whether to continue to employ them while the case remains without a verdict.

NHL teams have directed inquiries about the players involved in the case to the league, while the league says it will let the London police answer questions…

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Source: Canadian Press