Teammates J.T. Miller and Luke Schenn get heated on the ice.

Things are not going well in Vancouver.

Jonathan Larrivee
Jonathan Larrivee
Published 1 year ago
Teammates J.T. Miller and Luke Schenn get heated on the ice.

It was hard to imagine a scenario in which the Vancouver Canucks could possibly be having an even worse start to the 2022-23 National Hockey League regular season after rattling off 5 consecutive losses, but on Saturday night during what would prove to be the team's 6th consecutive loss of the season, the cracks may already be starting to show.

Much of the focus following the ugly loss has been on the Canucks' collapse in the game's third and final period, and rightfully so, and that includes Bruce Boudreau himself who was very critical of his team's effort in that period in particular. The third period was also when several fans in attendance decided to make their displeasure clear in very public fashion, with as many as 4 different fans tossing their jerseys onto the ice during the game.

Given all that context it is understandable why the focus would be on the ugly third period, but there may have actually been a pivotal moment in the second period that was the catalyst for the collapse in the third.

As the Canucks were returning to the locker room for the second intermission, an argument appeared to break out on the ice between Canucks teammates J.T. Miller and Luke Schenn. It isn't clear what either man was saying, but things were heated enough that Connor Garland felt it was appropriate to step in between the two men and separate them before things escalated any further.

You can see the clip of both the argument and Garland stepping in to break it up, right here:

Following the game Miller was asked what had been said on the ice between him and Schenn, but the veteran forward was not very forthcoming.

“No offence, it’s none of your business,” said Miller.

A bad look for the Canucks all around.