Things get way worse for Daniel Briere’s son Carson!

Since the ‘disturbing video’ was posted, SERIOUS consequences are piling up on the young man…

Published 6 months ago
Things get way worse for Daniel Briere’s son Carson!

It’s been a trending topic on social media for the past days, unfortunately for the victim and poor Philadelphia Flyers interim GM Daniel Briere. As you probably have heard, Briere’s oldest son Carson was seen tossing a wheelchair down a flight of stars at a party. He had to make a statement, which read: “I am deeply sorry for my behavior on Saturday. There is no excuse for my actions, and I will do whatever I can to make up for this serious lack of judgment.” Carson Briere, who just completed his third season with the Mercyhurst University men’s hockey team, was also placed placed on interim suspension, along with two teammates, pending the results of an investigation.

However now TMZ Sports reveals that Carson Briere is also banned for life from the pub where the disturbing incident took place, and owners have made it clear they will contact authorities if he comes back on scene.

On top of that, TMZ Sports believes an investigation with police has been opened, which mean Carson Briere could face criminal punishment.

On Thursday, his victim, Sidney, took to social media to comment on the incident. While a GoFund page was put up to help her with the fees for a new wheelchair, the woman is kindly saying she won’t keep a cent from the donations and will rather give it to those who need it.

Carson Briere came to Mercyhurst in 2021 from Arizona State because he was in trouble there. He and a teammate were kicked off the team for violating club rules for partying too much.

Now he is way more trouble than he probably ever imagined…

Source: TMZ Sports