Tkachuk gets shut down by own team!

He got the flowers, now he's getting the pot.

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By now, you've probably read a lot of things about the Tkachuk-Doughty drama. Following a nasty elbow hit on the veteran Kings defenseman, Matthew Tkachuk was very vocal about his disrespect of Drew Doughty. He went as far as stating Doughty was weak to use the media in order to complain publicly. 

Anyhow, all this drama didn't sit so well with the rest of the Flames lineup. We learned tonight that the Calgary management talked to Tkachuk about all this story and asked him to tone down his rhetoric a lot. 

Coach Gulutzan told the Calgary Sun

“He’s been talked to. I didn’t personally talk to him but I know what message has been delivered. It was a great learning lesson for him.”

Moreover, fellow player Johnny Gaudreau wasn't so thrilled about all this story and even blamed Tkachuk on the 4-1 lost at the hand of the Kings on Wednesday. 

Of course, it was known a long time ago that Tkachuk could become a trouble maker. It will be interesting to see how he will react to this backlash from his own team in a team of adversity.