Tkachuk takes brutal shot at Edmonton during Stanley Cup parade.

Tkachuk takes brutal shot at Edmonton during Stanley Cup parade.

Florida Panthers star forward Matthew Tkachuk had some thoughts to share about the city of Edmonton on Sunday.

Jonathan Larivee

The Florida Panthers are in full on celebration mode on Sunday with their Stanley Cup parade taking place, a parade that nearly never got off the ground.

In spite of the challenges that the Panthers and their fans have faced when it comes to the parade today the celebration continues in Florida as fans and players alike celebrate by having a rowdy time in the streets. Players also took the stage at one point today to speak to the fans in attendance, and although there were several memorable moments there may be one that stands above the rest.

That moment occurred when Matthew Tkachuk took the mic, big surprise I know, and decided to take a pretty tough shot at the city of Edmonton.

"Aye I heard it’s 70 degrees and sunny in Edmonton, but they ain’t got no cup!" said Tkachuk to the fans in attendance.

It may have seemed like an entirely unprovoked shot on the part of Tkachuk, but he may have been responding to critics on social media who have done their best to ridicule the Panthers cup parade today. Fans on social media have been quick to point out how few fans are in attendance for the parade, but there have been reports of dangerous lightning storms which of course has kept many people inside.

Things got so bad that one Panthers reporter suggested the entire thing should be shut down.

Whether Tkachuk took an unprovoked shot or is simply responding to his critics on social media, I suspect the reaction from fans in Edmonton will be one of great displeasure.