12 scouts in Toronto on Wednesday night!

Feels like some NHL teams are gathering in Toronto to see what will take place before Saturday’s deadline…

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Trade rumours are picking up across the National Hockey League in the past weeks, as teams realize it is time to make a move to get back in the right direction as the first half of the season will be coming to an end soon and the holiday freeze will be underway from December 19 to December 27. 

The Toronto Maple Leafs remain stuck in a contract dispute with free agent forward William Nylander and it seems like a lot of moves are delayed as teams are looking to see what will happen with the impasse. 

In the meantime, that does not mean teams are not doing anything when it comes to exploring the trade market. On Wednesday night, with just five games across the board in the NHL, there was tons of action happening in one place: Toronto. 

The editor in chief of The Fourth Period David Pagnotta revealed before the start of the Maple Leafs and San Jose Sharks game that 12 NHL scouts were in the building for the occasion. 

Both the Carolina Hurricanes and the Arizona Coyotes had two scouts each present for the contest. Other teams with a representative watching the game between the Leafs and Sharks were the Pittsburgh Penguins, Vegas Golden Knights, Colorado Avalanche, New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens, Tampa Bay Lightning, Nashville Predators and Detroit Red Wings. 

The Hurricanes have been linked on more than one occasion to the Maple Leafs as the team from Raleigh has made it clear for months they are interested in landing Nylander. It is no surprise to see them - the two of them that is - present to watch the Leafs in action, despite the fact that Nylander has yet to agree with the team. 

The clock is ticking but scouts will still take the time to enjoy some live action in the meantime.