A mic'd up Gretzky chirps opponents at fantasy camp

“It's players like you that made me quit coaching!”

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We've all seen the "Mic'd up" segments that NHL teams are so fond of these days, right? Guys essentially wear a wire for a game or practice and us fans get to hear a lot of censored swear words and, "Let's go, boys!"

Case in point:

Well personally whenever I see these segments I can't help but feel like we've been robbed of some truly classic "Mic'd up" moments from the 80s and 90s. Like, just imagine the kind of things you'd hear from a guy like Tie Domi during his prime. Or, wouldn't you love to here the kind of BS that a superstar like Mario Lemieux had to listen to on a nightly basis?

Well, in that vein but a lot more tame we have Wayne Gretzky absolutely chirping his opponents and even his teammates at his fantasy camp.

Check out this classic video:

"It's players like you that made me quit coaching!" had me literally LOLing. Classic.