AHLer loses it in team fight, the referee needs to tackle him down!

He went berserk.

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Hockey fights are always nice to watch, but it's well known that a Man Code exists between player. Don't punch a player on the ground. Don't jump in a fight that's already started without you. Don't battle with the referees. 

It seems Binghamton Senators' Max McCormick didn't get that memo. In an awesome moment of berserkal rage, McCormick jumped into an ongoing fight including Toronto Marlies' Kerby Rychel. He rained down punches on him until the referee finally was able to tackle him down in a Judo takedown worthy of the UFC. He then proceeded to fight various Marlies' until things settled down and he received a game misconduct. 

Maybe the St-Patrick spirit got to his head or he was pissed off against the world that day, but the sequence is still amazing.