Alex Ovechkin gets shamed on social media in brutal ways!

While he tried to please people, it turned badly against him…

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San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane has expressed his disappointment and anger following the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota, but is also calling on white athletes to speak up. And that’s exactly what Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin did on Monday when he posted the following message on social media: 

“RIP George Floyd so sad to see what happening everywhere and DC!! it is so important for us to respect and love each other no matter what we look like!!!! We need listen and do change,” Ovechkin said.

While he is the first active Capitals player and the NHL’s biggest superstar to comment on the senseless murder of George Floyd, some fans didn’t think it meant anything from a man who has often been seen supporting Russian president Vladimir Putin… and these fans have been brutal with the star player: 

These people seem to forget what this is truly about! Ovi has voiced his support for anti-racist efforts and use the words: “take care of each other.”

Clearly these people haven’t done that…