Antoine Roussel is sick of seeing a sea of Habs jerseys in Vancouver!

Tells Habs fans to “get the hell out of here”

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Apparently, a lot of Montreal Canadians fans showing up to watch their team take on the Canucks in Vancouver really gets under Antoine Roussel’s skin. The forward, who moved to Quebec at the age of 16 from France, made it clear in advance of tonight’s game between the Canucks and Habs that he hates seeing so many Montreal jerseys in the stands.

“To be honest, I hate that. There’s too much red jerseys here. It pisses me off the way they come in our building and feel like it’s their home. It’s our home. Get the hell outta here,’ Roussel told reporters after today’s morning skate.

Roussel, 30, has played in 11 games against Montreal in his career, recording one assist and two fights. Before signing a four-year deal with the Canucks in 2018, Roussel spent six seasons with the Dallas Stars.

Roussel’s comments drew a lot of feedback on Twitter, from people saying he’s now their new favourite Canuck, to others saying he seems “butthurt.” Whatever side you happen to fall on, his comments are sure to pump up the fans in the audience tonight. At least one Canadiens fan on Twitter was encouraging fellow road-team faithful in the audience to boo Roussel every time he touched the puck. We’ll see how far that gets. It’s worth noting that there may be a few Jordie Benn sweaters at Rogers Arena tonight, and they could be either Vancouver or Montreal fans. 

Even the Montreal Canadiens' Twitter account took a jab at Roussel after his comments, stating "Antoine Roussel was in tears as he heard that lots of our fans will attend the game tonight. Highly sensitive we have to say."