Are the Sens up for sale?!

Controversial rumors about the team's future...

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There has been a lot of controversy and hidden information about the Ottawa Senators' new downtown arena, and now a reporter from a Montreal website, Dans Les Coulisses, is hinting that the Canadian club might be for sale in 2018. 

Owner Eugene Melnik is looking to build a new arena, set to be constructed as part of the proposed revitalization of LeBreton Flats. Melnik had chosen an association with LeBreton over one with DCDLS, a group lead by Devcore, André Desmarais, Guy Laliberté and others. 

LeBreton reportedly had a year to negotiate with the CCN for the construction of the new building, but nothing is close to being done. Now on the CCN site, you are offered to see DCDLS' proposition first, over LeBreton's. 

Sources close to the situation have repoedtly told Dans Les Coulisses that an announcement concerning the development would be done at the start of 2018. We will have to wait and see if the agreement will be done with LeBreton, as Melnik wishes, or with DCDLS.

According to the sources, if the negotiations fall flat with LeBreton, we shouldn't be surprised to see André Desmarais, Guy Laliberté and partners to make a move to purchase the Senators. 

However, there is no talk of relocation, though famous business Guy Laliberte is from Quebec City.