Blackhawks' Connor Bedard: “It's heartbreaking”

It's a tough situation.



The Chicago Blackhawks acquired former Hart Trophy-winning forward Taylor Hall from the Boston Bruins this summer, and the idea was to give the squad that had just drafted young phenom forward Connor Bedard some veteran leadership.

Unfortunately, the season for Hall is now over, as he'll be undergoing knee surgery stemming from a hit that he took on November 9 from Tampa Bay Lightning forward Michael Eyssimont. 

And for Bedard, he described the injury setback for the team in no uncertain terms. 

"It's heartbreaking" Bedard said. "Such a good hockey player. Such a good person and it means so much to your group."

Hall, who has appeared in ten games with the Blackhawks since being acquired over the summer in the trade Bruins, has scored two goals with two assists. 

"It just came from an accumulation of a bunch of little injuries in the game, and even in practice the other day," Blackhawks head coach Luke Richardson said. "It just became unstable and they have to fix that now."

The Hall-less Blackhawks are facing the Toronto Maple Leafs this afternoon at United Center.

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