Breaking: Billionaire admits he is looking at NHL expansion in his city!

Another NHL expansion team?

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The National Hockey League may soon have a new expansion bid, from a very, very serious man. 

According to a breaking news report from Houston Rockets insider Adam Wexler, American billionaire Tilman Fertitta has admitted to him that he has interest in bringing an NHL franchise to the city of Houston.

Now if you're wondering why a reporter for the National Basketball Association is the one breaking this story, that's because Tilman Fertitta happens to be the owner of the Houston Rockets NBA team, the team Wexler specializes in covering. 

Fertitta is an extremely wealthy and successful entrepreneur and with the success he's had in the NBA there's no doubt that it would force the NHL to seriously consider any expansion bids he may have for that market. 

The NHL currently has unbalanced conferences with 31 teams in the league, and there's an expansion to Quebec City looming that could push that balance even further out of whack. However an expansion in the Seattle market that has been proposed several times, as well as one in the city of Houston could potentially solve all of the NHL's headaches in that regard. 

We will be closely monitoring this story as it develops.